Saturday, November 9, 2013

Figure Drawing Torso& Upper Body Study 11/2013 photo 20131031_035934-1.jpeg  photo 20131107_204618-1.jpeg I'm finally getting back into figure drawing here's a couple of a torso/upper body study and some quick sketches 11/2013.
Bull Dog Studies 1 11/2013 photo 20131105_230503-1.jpeg Bull Dog Studies  2 11/2013 photo 20131106_180756-1.jpeg Bull Dog Studies 3 11/2013 photo 20131107_080916-1.jpeg I recently started a Bull Dog concept design for a tattoo, here's a couple pictures 11/2013.
Brown Bear Tattoo Design 1  11/2013 photo PicsArt_1383949073814.jpeg Brown Bear Tattoo Design 2 11/2013 photo PicsArt_1383949311862.jpeg Brown Bear Tattoo Design 11/2013.